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Name/Title: Miquon Math Notes to Teachers
Author: Lore Rasmussen
Price: $5.21
Notes to Teachers is a philosophical and pedagogical statement about children, learning, and teaching. I read this little book the first year I began homeschooling and it has influenced the way I have taught ever since. Rather than concentrating solely on insisting that my children do their work in a specified way I learned to examine the thinking processes my children were using to arrive at their answers. I observed them thinking mathematically rather than just following instructions without understanding WHY they worked. A key to this program, and to enjoying math, is learning to find the patterns in math. They learn that math is orderly, that it makes sense, that it's not just a set of hoops to jump through in order to arrive at the correct answer on a worksheet. Math becomes not only understandable, but enjoyable! I know I learned as much about math as my children have!