Gratitude Manifesto Wall Art

Please allow for 14-18 days for this item to be shipped.

  • Materials: wood composite, fir wood
  • Measurements: 18"w x 22"h
  • Hanger style: keyhole
  • Sentiment: Gratitude creates optimism and positivity. You feel better about life when you are thankful. Thank You (merci, tack, gracias, danke, arigoto, grazie, dojo)… is a beautiful word to be used often and sincerely. There is always something to be grateful for. When you see good, you do good and become a better person. Gratitude creates more joy for living. The more heartfelt gratitude you feel, the more open you are to attract even more goodness into life. Genuine thankfulness connects us to nature and one another. Gratitude is a wonderful gift to be shared. It needs to be cultivated in this world. A simple expression of “thanks” to on another is a beautiful act of kindness, caring and love. The word “gratitude” is derived from the Latin word “gratia” which means “grace,” “graciousness,” or “gratefulness.” It is graceful to be grateful. Expressing “thanks” is a simple way to feel good! Gratitude is a positive state of mind. Not taking things for granted and keeping a thankful and optimistic attitude is a more loving way to journey through life. Acknowledging all of the goodness around us every single day… makes for a more fulfilling and enjoyable time on this wonderful earth.

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